Saturday, March 20, 2010

Few missing days and onward

I've been pretty overworked and a little burned out recently. With a ton of school work and a nasty, nearly week-long cold on top of that, I'm taking a brief break from the blog. I'll be returning to regularly scheduled updates on Tuesday, in time for the Spud's half-birthday.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Not so much on the sitter front

So, Zelda the sitter had a doctor's appointment on Wednesday. We knew about that and had planned in advance. What we hadn't planned for is that Zelda's diabetes has apparently gotten bad enough that she's going to need dialysis. While I'm glad that she's going to get the medical attention she needs to maintain her health (because that's the most important thing) it leaves us looking for new Connor-sitting.

Speaking of Connor and sitting, he's been getting really good at it. He still drifts to one side from time to time and has had several loud head thumps, but he's getting very stable. He'll sit there playing with something, then stop and look back up at me over his shoulder and give that impish grin.

Still no new developments on the teeth. I think the pain is still getting to him from time to time. While he had a good streak of through the night sleeps built up, last night he woke up screaming at 2 AM and Leigh didn't get him back down until about 4:30 AM. (I was dead to the world thanks to night-time cold medicine.)

Anyway, only a day behind now. Hopefully I'll be all caught up come tomorrow.

Unexpectedly occupied

Tuesday's biggest news was that Zelda, the sitter, wasn't able to watch Connor. This did not bode well as it was only day #2. So Leigh ended up taking Connor in with her. On one hand, she didn't have to deal with missing the Spud all day. But on the other hand, she got very little accomplished.

Other than that, there wasn't much new and interesting. So, instead, I present you with a picture!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sitter time?

Well, Monday was Connor's first day with the sitter. And it didn't go incredibly well.

Apparently Zelda (the sitter) hurt her arm and was having a hard time doing any lifting. Connor's not exactly a lightweight (weighing in at over 19 pounds now!), but fortunately she had her neice there to help.

Leigh stayed for the first hour, then went to work. She was not having an easy time of it. Despite her complaints of lack of time trying to watch Connor and work at the same time, she missed him horribly the whole day and was all but running to pick him up.

Apparently, though he did get a couple of good naps in, the Spud spent most of his waking time crying. We think it was just that he missed having anyone he knows really well (like Leigh, her father, or me) near him, but that's something he'll learn to get over in time.

Once I got home, Connor was in a nearly festive mood. He was all smiles and happy noises and a real pleasure to be around. After being changed, eating, and taking some gas drops (which has become a part of the nightly routine), he passed out, woke up once he was put into the crib, fussed for 10 minutes until he got picked back up, ate a little more, then promptly passed out for the rest of the night.

Only two more days of posts until I'm caught up. But I don't think the nighttime cold meds will let me get that done. So, until tomorrow...

Sunday Synopsis

Since I'm now pretty far behind thanks to visitors and illness, I'm going to be a little less verbose than normal.

Sunday was a pretty relaxing day. Leigh had to head into the shop to pick up Connor's portable crib and whatnot since Monday was to be his first day with the sitter. While she was gone, my father, step-mother, and I entertained the Spud and a good time was generally had by all.

When Leigh got home, she fed him and he stayed out for about two whole hours! It was a mega-nap and we all mightily enjoyed it.

Other than that, it was a quiet day. I made jambalaya again and it seemed to go over pretty well. Connor got a full night's sleep in. And I managed to only have one argument with my father throughout the entire trip, so it was generally a win all around.

Well, that's one down. Maybe I can actually get caught back up tonight.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Non-Stop Saturday

To say that Saturday was busy would be an understatement.

Leigh woke up early and did her normal Saturday morning stuff and Connor got a good nap in. This was good because there was a long day ahead of us.

Connor and I spent the morning hanging out with my father and step-mother. After Leigh got home, we had to get the cars into the dealership for maintenance. And then, we had to start getting ready to head over to her brother's for his daughter's first birthday party.

We were at the party for about three hours and, thankfully, Connor was extraordinarily well behaved. He got a little cranky towards the end, but he didn't seem to mind that there were a lot of people around, nor all of the noise and excitement. He enjoyed getting fawned over by a few people (including Leigh's uncle Dan and his fiancee who had come into town for the party) and was generally content playing with some of his cousin's toys. He's especially fond of a V-Tech driving game she has that Leigh and I are now looking for.

Anyway, with the party over, we got home and relaxed for a bit before preparing to head out to dinner.

We ended up going to the Cypress Grill (which I need to add to my list of restaurants to review in my food blog...) and the Spud snoozed through the first fifteen minutes or so. Then, waking up, he proceeded to fuss a bit. The restaurant had a lot of conversation going on, so his fussing didn't disturb any of the other dinners. He spent most of the rest of the night on Leigh's lap, delaying her eating, but otherwise being pretty well behaved.

When we got home, Connor ate and passed out. He slept well and was well rested for a relaxing Sunday. But that's next post.

Getting reacquainted with Grandpa Ken and NTB

Friday was an exciting day for Connor: my father and step-mother got into town to visit. They're going to be leaving tomorrow (Monday) morning, which is why this post is a couple of days late.

Leigh stayed home again on Friday and managed to get the rest of the cleaning done in between Connor's fussy periods. (Incidentally, she did a fantastic job and deserves much praise for it.) When it was getting close to time for the visitors to arrive, she made a run to the store to get something for dinner. By the time she made it back, they'd arrived...and managed to get the car stuck in the mud. But that's another story.

"Grandpa Ken" and "Not The Bubbie" got to help Leigh feed the Spud some more sweet potatoes shortly before I got home, at which point they got to help me give him a bath. After a final feeding, Connor drifted off to sleep while the adults chatted for a bit before following his lead to rest up before a long Saturday. But that's the next post.